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Your Guide to The Winnipeg School Division Housing Registry





Ø      To help families find housing in their immediate school area so the children do not have to change schools.


Ø      To locate community resources


Ø      To determine school catchment areas



Contents of Guide

Ø      Your Location / Find a School – by your location

Ø      Find a School – by searching by school name

Ø      Find Rental Housing

Ø      Transit Stops

Ø      Community Resources – Day Care

Ø      Links to Additional Community Resources

Ø      Determining Catchment Area

Ø      Rental Submission




Your Location / Find a School – by your location


1.                  Enter your address and click

2.                  Or find your location by zooming in () and then marking your location with the marking pin tool




3.                  Your location is now on the map.  If your location is outside the Winnipeg School Division you can find information on transit stops and community resources but not rental housing or schools.  If your location is in the Winnipeg School Division you need to next select the type of school boundary to use (e.g. Elementary, Regular, French, Alternative, grades).  If you go with the default it will show you the Elementary regular program boundary.  Click  




4.                  This next screen displays – if there had been more than one boundary based on the selection you had previously made there would be more than one item listed at the bottom of the screen.  In this case there is only one to select from.



5.                  School boundary shows up.  To obtain information about this school select the identify

tool and click on the school.  

You will notice that as you move over the school, a small text box shows up providing the name of the school.  This is a maptip and will show up in a number of situations to provide you with some preliminary information about an object.  Click on the school to go to the school webpage to obtain more information on this school.






Now, close this window.

Find a School (by name)


1.      You can also find a school by searching on school name.  Select the Find a School from the items on the left.  Choose your school from the drop down list of schools that appears at the bottom.


2.      The school will show on the map.  If the school has more than one boundary associated with it they show up in the list below the map and all are drawn on the map.  Different grades and different programs may have different boundaries.  Select the appropriate boundary by clicking on the circle next to the name of the boundary in the list.


3.      Now only the selected boundary shows.

Find Rental Housing


1.      To find rental housing you must have selected a school and boundary.  Select the Find Rental Housing item from the menu on the left.


2.      Choose which Rental Type (apartment, house), number of bedrooms, range of monthly rent or whether you want to include public housing in the search – then click .

3.      The properties matching your criteria show up on as dots on the map.  As you move the mouse over the properties the type of property and the address show up. 



You will probably want to zoom in now .

4.      To find out more information about a particular property select the information button  and click on the property of interest on the map. 

You will now see the following: the date updated, contact information, the rent, what is included in the rent, and additional information in the Information field.  You can print this box if interested.



5.      If you select the summary button you get a new window containing a list of all the properties that matched your query.  If you just want to print out a list of contacts use this box.  The data is sorted with the most recent properties at the top.  Select the properties you want to print out and press the “KEEP SELECTED” button.  You can then print out just the contact information for the selected properties. 






6.      Public Housing units are included in the database and will be included in the search if you selected the “Include Public Housing” button in your housing criteria.  The smaller public housing units are not shown on the map.  Larger units are shown on the map such as the two last properties in the summary on the previous page. 

Smaller units are not shown on the map but you will receive the following message if there are units in this area.  “There is public housing in this catchment area.  Call 945–4663 for more information and to find out how to get on the waiting list for public housing.” 



7.      If you use the identify tool on one of the larger public housing properties you get the following pop-up window.


Transit Stops


1.      To show City Transit stops choose that item from the menu on the left.  If you are zoomed out too far you will receive a message that the stops are not visible until you zoom in. 


Use the Identify tool to obtain information about a stop.  Note or copy the Stop ID number. Or call Telebus 287-RIDE (7433) and enter the stop number and # sign".”   If you want information about a route note the route number.





Community Resources


To show community resources such as Community Centres, Health and Social Services, Winnipeg School Division Schools, Libraries, Daycare Centres choose the Community Resources from the menu on the left and then choose which items you want displayed from the list on the bottom.  The selected facilities will now show on the map.  To obtain more information about a facility choose the identify tool and then click on the facility.


Rounded Rectangular Callout: Identify tool
If you choose to look for more information on a daycare you get this pop-up window.  There will be some cosmetic changes to this window soon.  Only daycare centres and nurseries are shown – not home daycares.



If you click on the Web Site information you will be taken to the Manitoba Provincial Daycare information page for this site.  If the daycare has vacancies it is shown at the bottom of the screen.  You can search just for vacancies using the Provincial Daycare site but you are limited to searching across the entire school Division - not by school. 


Links to Additional Community Resources


For additional community resource information use the Volunteer Centre of Winnipeg’s website 

2 Select the Advanced tab on the menu


1 Choose the Locating Services button


4. You will then see a list of matching agencies and organizations that match your search.  You can get detailed information about each site and can see where the site is located on a map.


Determining Catchment Area


1.         Open the website:

2.         Type in the address in question and select the GO button.




3.          Choose the grade level and type of school/program the student is registered in. and select GO.  This is required because different grades and programs may have different catchment areas.


4.         The boundary(ies) that match your criteria are listed at the bottom and show up on the map.  In this example the results tell you that this student resides in the Principal Sparling N-6 regular program catchment area.

5.         If the child was in French Immersion Dual Track program the process would be like this.  Select elementary and French Dual Track criteria.




In this case it shows the student resides in the Laura Secord French Immersion Dual Track catchment area.

6.         If you want to know all the boundaries in which a child/family resides, choose all the boxes.  You will get a list of 11 boundaries that match your search criteria.  The current version of the software does not identify Division-wide programs such as Tec-Voc, R.B. Russell, Children of the Earth, Niji Mahkwa, etc. but this is planned to be included over time.


Rental Submission


1.      To submit or edit rental properties you need to be a registered user.   Select Rental Submission.


2.      Registered property owners will login at this page.  New users are asked to email to begin the registration process.  .


If it is your first time here, and you would like to register a property for rent, please send an email to:  Please indicate: Your Name, Your Company Name, and Phone Number.  We will contact you and provide details of the registration process.”




3.      Registered users will then enter their data on a screen like that below.  Properties will not display until they have been cross-referenced to the City’s placarded properties listing.